MySQL Install

MySQL is available on Mac, Linux and Windows. You can download the Windows version here (opens in new tab), however if you’re on Mac or Linux your version should also be somewhere on the same website. Once you have downloaded the executable file run it and you should see the installation wizard.

MySQL Installation Configuration

When you see a screen like this, click on Install MySQL Products:

MySQL Installation - Setup  Type

Click Custom:

MySQL Installation - Feature Setup

For now we only need MySQL Connectors and MySQL Server, but you can install the documentation if you like. Next, the setup will check any other requirements; if something comes up just follow the instructions. The installation will take around 5-10 minutes, and we need to configure the set up once it’s complete. It will show you three screens:


MySQL Configuration Step 1 Of 3

Leave these settings as default.


MySQL Configuration Step 2 Of 3

If it’s your first time installing MySQL it will ask you for a new password and not the current password.


MySQL Configuration Step 3 Of 3

Leave these settings as default.

Now click next and it should be complete. The programs are regularly updated and some new aspects may not be explained here. So if you have any installation issues or the instructions seem to be different, please refer to the MySQL documentation. The program should now be available under Start Menu > MySQL > MySQL Server 5.5 > MySQL 5.5 Command Line Client.