HTML Common Tags

Here is a list of common HTML tags and what they do. For the sake of brevity the closing tag has been omitted.

Tag Description
<address> An address by default appears in Italic
<abbr> Abbreviation tag used for acronyms. The <abbr> needs the title tag otherwise it will not work. Example:<abbr title=”What You See Is What You Get”>WYSIWYG</abbr> When the user hovers over WYSIWYG they will see a tooltip of the title.
<article> A news article or similar
<aside> Side content (side bar)
<blockquote> A quote
<code> Computer code
<mark> Highlights text
<figure> The figure caption is used to illustrate images, graphs, videos, etc. You also need to use the <figcaption> Example: 

Image of a Audi A8 Car.

<header> Top level header
<nav> Navigation menu
<footer> Footer content
<p> Paragraph
<table> Table
<hr> Horizontal line
<br> New line