CSS Links

To style links you use the a selector (anchor) and the following pseudo-classes. When you use pseudo classes you use the semi-colon after the selector. Pseudo classes are IDs which the browser applies to elements, and can save you time when making classes of every type of link.

Pseudo Classes Description
:link Styles a unvisited link
:visited Styles a visited link
:active Active link (when you click on it)
:hover When you  point your mouse cursor over it

It must be done in this order, otherwise it will not work.

The common way of styling links is to change the fore-colour so it stands out and to underline it; by default, links are underlined. If you don’t want them to be underlined, use text-decoration:none;.

a:link {color: #EEE;}
a:visited {color: #000;}
a:active {color: #33CCFF;}
a:hover {text-decoration:none;}