You have been logged in with a temporary profile

This issue can occur if your user profile has been corrupted. There are several ways to fix this issue; perhaps the two solutions provided below will work for you.

Method 1

  1. Login to the PC as admin
  2. Click start and in the search box type regedit
  3. Browse to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE>Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\ProfileList\
  4. Now click on each profile list and on the right hand-side look at profileimage path and see if that is the user
  5. If it is, check the folder and if the users has .bak at the end, remove the .bak; then in the right hand pane change the refcount to 0, click apply and then OK.

Method 2

NOTICE: Your data WILL BE DELETED, so back up your data before doing this method. Always have backups!

Click start>Right click my computer>click properties, and then a window will show. On the right hand side click System Protection. Once this has opened click on the Advanced Tab and then under User Profiles click settings. Find the user with the corrupted profile and delete that profile.

Go into the registry editor and into to the same location as above, and for the user with the corrupted profile delete the folder.

Log on to the user account which had the problem and a new user profile will be created.

Registry Edit Profile List

The registry is an important part of a Windows OS, so it is necessary to back it up.