ASP.NET Web Pages Tutorial

ASP.NET WebPages is a lightweight web framework for creating rich websites using Microsoft C# or Visual Basic. The framework is the ideal starting place for newcomers to ASP.NET, as well as experienced developers who wish to get into ASP.NET development.

The different types

ASP.NET comes in three types: MVC, Web Forms and Web Pages.

Web Forms – This is the classic ASP.NET framework; it has all the server side controls and is used for creating dynamic websites. It does have a steep learning curve and controls most of the mark-up so there is little control. It is event-driven and is good for RAD (Rapid Application Development).

MVC – Model-View-Controller, this framework also has a steep learning curve, however, it is ideal for developers who like to have control over their websites and like to separate logic and UI. It is ideal for team based work.

Web Pages – This is the easiest of all and is what you’ll be learning. It uses the Razor View Engine and is easy to learn providing you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and either C# or Visual Basic

Tutorials have been written using ASP.NET WebPages 3.0